Friday, June 29, 2007

todae iish cross country dae...
after skul...jiayin;me;alicia;christella;adeline;thalia..went tuhh xueling hus..
follo her go put her bag nn we change at her hus..
finish changing..jerin and jinlian came..dhen we all go limling block..
jerlin;alicia nn dunnoe hu go up limling hus while we wait down stairs..
jinlian ask me follo her go her hus..dhen i fllo lorrhhs..
till half jerlin call me sae dunno wad...ask we all go NP
we go back tuhh the block they go liia0s..
pangseh siahh...
jinlian angry with dhey all...
dhen wego bus stop lended jinlian money ask her take bus...
dhen iin the bus saw jerlin dhey all..
awhile saw our chinese tcher..haha!
all go long john silver eat(:
finish liia0 dhen take cab go the court thr...
iin the cab..the uncle suddenly turn back nn sae..
"you all 5ppl nvr tell me!"angryly!
CB.dhen he sae we dunno thw address dhen how he going tuhh drive us go?
dhen we tell hym the way..
suck la!
reach thr..ppl runrunrun...dhen chinese dance V.S it captian ball*
LALALAS~we lost!
kns...dhen jiu saw nicholas..wearing jacket iin such a hot dae..dun care hym!siao der..
dhen jiu go home liia0s...
tml mayybbe staying at alicia's hus..YAY!

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