Wednesday, June 6, 2007

when tuhh golden village todae with venus:)
we when tuhh watch "men in white;鬼呀鬼呀"
when the movie strted it was sh0 scary luhs..
but actualli iit iish jux a movie nn the show
iit was damn funni norrhhs...
i lyk the girl ghost which iish called "wan yi princess"
haha! was sho funni luhs...even their names..
ah hip;ah hop;ah boon;wan yi princess;mdm wong
duh...everione was laughing larhhs...
sunny iish a fren of the 4ghost:)
he iish a sciencetist wadever uhs..
he take pictures of the ghost nn wanted tuhh tell everione tt iin this world thr iish ghost:DD
he allow humans tuhh ask questions bout ghost...
thr goes...
ppl ask..
~do ghost sleep?
#yes dhey ddo
~whr ddo dhey stay?
#rich ghost stays iin bangalo;poor ghost stay iin condo;more poorer stay iin HDB flat.
~ddo ghost ggo into relationship?
#dhey ddo but becuz ghost wont vanish sh0 it will take up tuhh thousand n thousands of yrs:)
~ddo we see ghost?
#lucki you wont see;n0rt lucki you will see:DD
~wad ddo ghost eat?
#the things you buy tuhh pray fer us norrhhs;esspically ROTTON ORANGE
~how ddo ghost look lyk?
#actualli ghost love tuhh make up;sh0 humans can bbe more scarier dhen ghost:)
others i ferget liiao...
wan yi die becuz of chocking of fishball nn no1 wans tuhh help her..
ah boon iish a rich guy but becuz of car crash nn died
others dunno liia0:))
wanyi and ah boon lyk each other der...
but at last..wan yi have tuhh go tuo tie...
the next dae dhey found out tt one baby was born..dhey when tuhh visit
nn dhey gave the baby a dvd ask her grow up watch nn dun ferget dhem...
dhen all CRY lorrhhs!
ggo watch iish great!
funni duh^^

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