Sunday, July 29, 2007

earlyearly morninqq today..
stellastella , alicia~venusvenusvenus~
when to chongpang wib daddy & mummy to eat(:
dhen finish eatinqq rain~
called sho many ppl.
adeline.ask her wan go bugis.
cuz christella wan go buy things.
dhen adeline sae see first~.
seeseesee untill neberr go.-.-
sho mne stella , venus go naii.
confused at mrt station.
dunnoe which wway to go.
cuz venus sae tke the right ne.stella sae take the left one~
LOLS.i sae go see map.easier(:
13stops to city hall dhen change to another mrt to bugis((:
reach nn when to bugis street.
saw the top i wanted sho much nn bought iit(:
still wana buy (white shorts , longsleve top , necklace , another top)
lols.nex tym go buy againx.
when going hm..waitinqq fer the mrt.kena MERRYGOROUND-ED byvenus~
turn nn turn..siaao.
ii the mrt..carnt hear wa stops ..
sat down nn toktok.
venus scared next stop iish bradell
sho she kept standinqq up nn tell us reach tt play lerrrhhs
buddhen habent reach=.="
realli reach lerrhhs she carnt stand-up kepy on pressinqq mne shoulder.
make mne carnt stand up too.
dhen iish lyk 3of us laughinqq iin the train lyk nobody's business~
dhen jiu go np.when to the highes floor.
the security came nn we when down.hahas.
dhen on the way bubble tea.
didnt notice yq , ls , nn another guy walk pass..
till i look up.LOL.u-turn away(:
nn reached hm.
....thats all ;D

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