Saturday, July 14, 2007

jux now was sho tired...
slept from 5.30 to 7.10 ...
cuz mne fever was back againx..
SOBS~i didnt drink water=x
dhen when tuhh northpoint wib mummy..
when to JEAN nn find rubber band..
find fer a veri lonqq tym..
dhen found one..LOLS.
going up to KFC.
saw lisheng;yongqiang and another guy..
was sho shock...
P.S i was stunded...
dhen buy finish lerrhhs jiu go hm liia0s..
watched mne favourite show..DUO MAOMAO
this iish the only show tt can make mne laugh(:
was FIR.dhey won...LOLS.
ke lian de family)':
hahas.nth much tuhh post..

tml maybbe going SUN PLAZA wib christella nn alicia(:

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