Saturday, July 7, 2007

since that day yoos send tt msg to mne.
i strted to hate yoos.
cuz that day iish the day i niid s1 to comfort..
but you sae tt to mne.
whyye carnt yoos wait fer tml?.

maybbe i still can jieshou.
but yoos choose maii choose...
choose that dae.
now my mind iish thinkinq..
i fharkinqq hate yoos!
this sentence plus ur name iin it ..
jux carnt get out from mne miind?
nw i noe yoos are sho wuqing.
iif yoos wana do tt that dae..
whyye did yoos ask me to bbe ur***?
yoos make mne realli tha fharkinqq hate a person.
which iish yoos!
i dunwana see yoos.
see yoos i feel lyk sclding;shoutinqq;hattinqq yos.
iish nort becuz of wad yoos think which iish..testmonial.
i'm nort that wuliia0s.fer goodness yoos knew.
deathly sayinqq IHATEYOOS!!

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