Friday, July 13, 2007

t0dae was moodless..
fever was gone(;
chinese lesson was walkinqq around..
mne nn jin lian g 4TA walk walk..
dhen lisheng came out.
took his handphone nn hear sonqq fer 2 perriods(:
he was iin his own class..
i lyk the song..WAIPO~
lass perriod LIT.
nigel made mne cried)':
dhen jiu go KFC wib stella nn jiaying eat..
going back to skul..
walk passed MAC..
saw jerlin..
she was moodless too..
dhen jiu follo her go coffee shop eat..
finish lerrhhs wo jiu go back skul..
meet christella..
dhen jiayin go her SJ..
while mne nn stella wait fer her till 6pm..
was sho sian walk here nn thr..
dhen go parrade square thr..sit on the flag stairs thr..
see chongfu students play NETBALL~
2 sec1 de go disiao..
extra..kena scol bby primary student dhey still orhorhorhs.
stella sae dhey DIU SEC1 DER LIAN`
nth much to post..

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