Friday, July 6, 2007

todae was sho damn suaii!..
woke up at 6.45!!! hurri tie mne hair nn went off.. tout i'm gona bbe late but NOPES(: reach dao skul gate saw i wish to sinqq twinkle little star again =x dhen step iin paradesquare..all standinqq up lerrhhs.. mne nn jingjing walk from behind..felt lyk sho many ppl are lookinqq at us.. sing finish plage dhe stupic rules larrhhs..mux check skirt..
stupid MDMNOOR or wadever luhs~! caught my skirt! ask mne to unfold mne skirt..nvr fold how to unfold? knn.ask mne to unfold oresle go whiteroom..lucky another tcher tok to her dhen she mux go! HENG!dhn mne formtcher MDMSHAH caught my dhen jiu go P.E was damn sianx runninqq but we didnt care..we walk short cut luhs~ but we still dhe last tuhh reach skul(x finish lerrhhs iish scinece..MORE SIAN...slept iin his lesson.. jiu recess lerrhhs...durinqqrecess adeline push mne dhen kena hit the switch..almost cried..was sho pain larrhhs!cupiid adeline!!! suan lerrhhs larrhhs(((: christella told mne sunday her bdae..goingg celebrate at the dunno whr luhs~ buying her WINNIE THE POOH(: tt mne nu`er nn she loved most..hahas((: dhen iish chinese...LAOCHABORR CUTECUTE TCHER neberr cum..LOLS!
dhen san no relieve fer 2perriods!... 1 perriod over....yong qiang when tuhh our class...tokinqq to jerlin dhe suddnly look at mne..keep callinqq one call..shiyun...wth..dhen adeline nn christella laughing..siao der?dhen LISHENG DHE SIBIANTAI walk pass..go close dh window i jux opened!!ALWAYS LYK TT!hahas...dhen after skul jerlin ask mneto follo her go causeway...buddhen she mux go meetingg first sho i wwait..dhen my mum msged mne..ask mne cum hm now we going out!! SORRY jerlin..carnt follo yoos..lucky yoos still gort limling follo((:dhen jiu go hm lerrhhs(: watched TV.nn argued wib mum.nth to post lerrhhs.

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