Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Didnt blog yesterday hohs ?
i got nothing to blog .
as it has nothing much special .
& i have forggotten much of it.

Today,adeline,thalia & me went to school without our bags(:
on the way to school.
saw 2 gurlls famillar.
walkwalkwalk dhen saw the shoes.
OHS!jerlin! dhen another one should be kelly.
hahas.aiyoh kelly ahs.
whye go tell jerlin i behind.i wan scare her.
buddhen better not lahs.cause now.....~
LOLS.tout got the computer thing.
buddhen dun have.
didnt bring anything norhs.
chamcham .
HAHA ! nothng happen.
class today seems to be not that boooring.
last perriod,ENG.
got our papers back.
i passed yea?
not very happy ):
dhen jabo oral.
4 of us.(:
can retake derh mahs ?
walked to the school gate.
saw liyingjie.
she cuted her finge.cute siah!
hahas.raining heavily.
wait very long lerhs.sho dun care jiu run over.
wth!? al wet.
cold too!
still say wan go mac.siiao!
at last go coffee shop eat (;
dhen go thalia's house.
&&& lyk that lorhs.
reached home bout 6 something.
didnt my homework .
goodgurll (:
but,nvr do finish.
dad kept looking at me with that **act big** face .
dhen he kept asking whye i dun wan do earlier.now wan eat lerhs dhen do.
LOLS!i go friend house what.dhen he was lyk...
nvrm,dun wish to mention ):
i hate him! ):
do hw also cant do peacefully.
looking at me with that *FACE* .
alot of preasure you know!?
nvrm,just now waling home.saw niiiiiiiiiiiiicole (;
dhen walk & talk tgt.
ehs!? she stay next my blk siah!
& btw,heared from shuenjie that the *bitch* wanna *****
aiyah dunnoe.at first sae dunwan dhen now wan .
whatever.asked thalia help me upload photos.
hahas ):

tcher angry .):

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