Friday, August 10, 2007


went to NTUC buy things to cook for dinner.
then mum wanted to cook derh what tanqqshui.
dhen niid buy baiguo...NTUC dun have..
after that,i told her,don't need ice-cube-sweet?
then she,OHYAH!
COOOOOOOOOOLDSTORAGE* don't have..go underground to NTUC againx..
wanted to buy the cupnoooooooooooooodles..
buddhen go but the sweet first..
forget bout that,walk till half..OHYAH!how bout the cupnooooooooooooodles?
then i told her aiyah,duniid lerhs.
the plastic bag vei heavy lorhs..
saw kaiseong iin NTUC..
look up dhen jiu saw hym..shock cans.
LOL.dhen jiu go hm lerhs.
reached hm,helped something.after that on com nn blog(:
i got nothing much to blog actually.
so boring boring):

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