Friday, August 3, 2007

today first perriod iish P.E.
buddhen dun have.tcher ask us go hall.
sure siian der.watched crime show?
LOL.dhen iish science after that iish reccess.
didnt eat as per(/) normal.
dhen iish nn run~muthu cuming all run iinside.hahas.
dhen jiu shi LIT.gort test.LOL.
gort one question."wad word in the story bully asleep tell that the bully attitude is bad~"?
dhen answer..the word iish "fharking shyt"...thalia rote.."pua cheebye"LOL.
at the end.all delete~hahas.dhen finish skool go eat.
iin mac saw the sec4 guys againx.JIU BING WHR ARE YOOS?(anyone)
dhen lisheng cum iin.bastard guy iish yongyi~PS.
shihui nn 3auntie came.yeah!!shihui!love her sho much narhx.
ask her wan ice-cream she sae wan.dhen feed her she dunwan.LOL.
now den i noe korkor sho LIMAO(respect) auntie siahh~
i almost puii* out cans.
hahas.dhen jiu go thalia's hus.
play nn play.dhen jiu go hm...took thalia's PSP.
she wanna chase mne.dhen she go pull spoil alicia's weiting*
LOL.she almost cry larhs.sae wad if WT gort any "san chang lang duan"
she break friendship wib her.LOL.nn neberr go training.
dhen jiu take bus.take dao we dunnoe over lerrhhs~
dhen walk to np lorhs.arhgg~!
now dhen reach hm.changed blogskin.nice buddhen dhe font not nice.

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