Monday, August 6, 2007

today,christella and siewting didnt come to skool,so didnt meet.
was assembly.dhen ENG.
tcher neberr come.2perriods free!buddhen everibody copying hw.hahahas.
dhen was chinese,*harking shit alrhs the tcher.
reccess nn science,pop test,everibody was shouting answer.LOL.
ahs~shall skip this subject.
went to eat after skool.
with thalia , venus , adeline , bernard , jiajia , mano.
we got names yarhs.
maiiyatanqq - shiyun.
mantuo - venus.
cha shao bao - adeline.
mee hon gui - thalia.
ruo pao - bernard.
was funny names.
but i love it(:
after that when back to skool fer CCA.
warm up.dhe tcher keep praising me.i was lyk.PS-ED.
i keep telling the tcher,vinnie , linli iish better.
dhen she,AHAHAHA~whatever.LOL.
finish,mschen toked to us,sae wad dunno when got dance promotion.
what the hell is that?
nvrm.dhen jiu go buy bubble tea with siewwei.
after that jiu go hm with her lerhs.
reached hm.washed my dancing balley* shoes.
i love it luhs~dance is our chinese dancers passion(:
alrights,shall end here.;DD

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