Tuesday, August 21, 2007

went to school,meet jingjing outside first.
dhen go in together.
thalia,adeline and me actually wanted to play ard and let tcher bring us go white room.
cause chinese.buddhen dhey suddenly anouse...
whole day at computer lab.
class 1NA , 1NB,1NC.
wakakakas~so much fun.
buddhen was booooooring.
played catching with jerlin,mental siiao luh her.LOLS!=X
kept laughing and calling my name.ILOVEYOOS!(:
today till 1.25 at com lab.
after that go mac.alicia,jerlin,kelly,christella there.
waiting for crystal.cause of the spamming with siwen.LOLS.
also dunnoe what happen in the end.but alicia say ok lerhs.
(: dhen come back home.play com lorhs.
thats my dayyyyyyyyyyy.

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