Wednesday, August 29, 2007

woke up late today .
so went to school late .
& blahblahblah .
first perriod , GEO.
mschen today something wrong .
become so gentle ?ehs ?
dhen was maths.
hurmps ! chen again.
ytd forget to bring exercise book.
dhen he aske me to copy down things on foolscape & staple in the book.
then i asked him ,"can i redo" ?
he say of course!you know its untidy right .
today he walk to me.
"shiyun,did you copy all the things in ur book?let me see."
then he see lerhs,"good,very neat.thanks shiyun"
wth!? i feel so.omg.
then was a little test.
2pges.**feet chicken** hahas!
done it within 5 mins.
was,i forgot something.
morning ms low say reccess go find her for oral =xxx
we went to eat first .
then saw her eating we not gan chiong .
kelly,limling they all went.
i know is alicia pull my hair derhs.(:
after that,eat finish,mslow still eating.
adeline asked kayseng go ask mslow.
dhen was lyk.=.=.=.=.=.=.="""
mslow came to us,why we nvr go for oral ytd?
dhen 4 of us busy explaining EX-cuses.
LOLS!dhen all say different want.
mslow was lyk,confused?
then i quickly say something before she talks.
"we dont know ytd we got oral,we nvr see the list"
then she orhorhs.BELIEVED!?
ahhas.ask us after school dhen go find her.& went of with her SWEET SMILE (:
dhen was science.slept.
and then art.slept.
waitwait,cake sai henry!!!!! bit my ur si ren tou lahs!tmr you diedie.):
watch movie,mslow good derh cans.
watched "JUMANJI" wahs! nice siah.
she walk to venus tell her ,
cause she is the examinal.wakakakaks~
she so good!
then HIStory,copy notes.then jiu go eat.
ps ahs yongyi,you call me ahs ?
eat lerhs dhen recieved call from father.ask me before 3 go home.
dont know what he want!?
second call from him,he shouted."I TOUT I ASK YOU BEFORE 3 GO HOME"
then argued with him.
thanks,thalia,venus,adeline for accompany me.
reached home.father called again.
he ask me to check if his money is still there.
& that was the reason he asked me to come home early.
damn idiot.RIDICULOUS!
hurry called ade3line to come back my house.
cause they going iryani's house.i wanna go.
then reached,then blahblahblahs~
went going home,venus say we go learn TIKUNDO.
zzz.the test is lyk what,so i dont wan.
say go learn GUITA!
then everybody OKOK!
thalia,adeline,iryani,venus & me going tgt.
hohohhos!so excited.but habent make sure can anot.
go sembawang bus interchange.took the bus 859.
adeline was like correct bus anot?!
aiyohs.kept saying correct.she kept asking =.=
reached home,watch tv.
father ask if i wanna go pub with him.
go thr play pool & drink beer.
think& think,at last.dont want.
i rather play my computer.hahas!
then he go himself lorhs~
thats my day (:

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