Saturday, September 8, 2007

Later siewting coming my house first.
then 12pm meet down stairs,wait for Xinling baobehbaobeh(:
after that go 925 coffee shop eat.
then go Yishun mrt wait for,
linli,vinnie,beejuan,abigail,michelle,doreen,zhiyu,yuying,zhuo qi,siew juan,siew wei,qian yi (:
hahas,wait for all of them to come le then take mrt go raffles place meet Mschen.
after that jiu go "THE VICTORAL TEATOR*"(i dont know how to spell).
LOLS.go there see dance concert.
its copulsary,cant say no )':
alrights post later when i come back if have time ;DD

yesterday siewting & me,
said something about jerlin.
cant tell her.hahas(:

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