Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today also sian.
when school.
kena so many ppl disiao.
after school when to mac.
saw jerlin,kelly all eating the wibblewibble derh ice-cream.
funny lahs.
then go buy ice-cream.
saw laopo.
she finally waved to me !
miracle siah.
rarely see her like that.cause she always quite.
then talk for awhile jiu go play.
at blk 216.
not for long.
lishengkor and gangs came to play basket ball.
idiots =.=!
uper noisy.
then jiu go home.
gave adeline and venus water baby.
venus siao luhs.
I fcuking hate my maths teacher,MRCHENCHENCHEN.
everytime catch us.
talk to other teacher he also want kpkb so much.
hmms,mr tai's hand injured uhs?
he say got tumor.
then need go operation.
he very scared.LOLOLOLOLOLS!
then he talk rubishes.
but i think its sensable luhs.
now thinking that our class is such a baichi.
nigel sucks till the core!
tmr dont wanna bring bag again?
then kena send home!
see jerlin first.
thats my day.

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