Saturday, February 2, 2008

7+ siewting msg-ed me then came my house lend my P.E shirt .
then she at my mirror zilian =.-
after that went yishun mrt station wait for venus adn christella .
to pasir ris then cab to wildwild wet (:
countinq money for ticket , till the auntie also blur .
was so fun , tsunami and ular lah is te best ;DDD
as for tsunami ii also most drown w/o life jacket ,duh .
after that went to bath , ii didnt saw te sign ' HOT WATER , CAUTION! '
LOLS , and ii went in , not bad la , warmwarm .
then ate , took bus to TPN interchange , said bb to siewting and christella .
me and venus took 969 and went home (:
high way so lonq , make me so tired , on the way , venus telling storys ;D
got call from uncle , asked me oout , tout ii can sleep siahs .
came back home at 9.35 (:
thats my dayyyyyyy .

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