Saturday, February 9, 2008

on wednesday (: uncle and his whole family plus me go temple.
reach there , family eating , so zilian in the car .
so funny luhs , then the gate open about at 10+
praypray (: after praying , went to the lucky pond , must throw coin and kena
the bell then drop in the water then make a wish .
sis kena the bell (: but the coin drop out , its still okay , as for me,ii didnt kena T^T
15mins later , uncle gave me another 20cents , then i kena the bell and droped in the water.
wishing (: my first time , sated down and waited,all of a sudden , blackout =.=
when the light's back we all ran to the praying table there , must climb under all the tables
then good luck comes (: TRAFFIC JAM LA!
didnt bang my head , but when standing (:
after that when home.
first day , when ahma house , the only word to describe there was bored .
not very close to ahma there derh luhs , and the only thing ii like is , ban luck.
lose alot at ahma's house lahs T.T
after that when to waii gong house , wai gong house feng shui very good !
win all backs (: got everything same as cousin jie . HI-5
then parents when back home , ii follow 3uncle go take hong bao ;D
then play there agns , lose till jialat , dk why , at wai gong house jiu so good .
then when home , second day , when da jiu house , he forget me lerhs ><~!
he tout i my mother siol , then nvr give wo hong bao till 2aunt told him ,
arbo he still holding on a hongbao and walkwalk.
then when to eat at AMK hub , have alot of guys cuosin is not very good luhs.
always diisiao ppl derhs , but there're still great (:
then chatchat with 3rd cousin bro , he said smthg that ii just cant stop laughing.
and smthg that ii cant stop bitting him (:
then went to 3rd aunt house , they all play majong , zz.
was curious lahs , then cousin sis and me went to try , we were intructed (:
till now still abit dont know how to play , very good le okay.
play till 11+ still playing , so bath at their house , hengheng ii always stay at their house ,
my shirts still there , if not cant bath lerhs (:
bath finish , they still playing , play tong siao siahs , nvrm.
cousin di and 2 other cousin watching crayonshincan , then i join (:
alot pictures ;D
today , mother going her company thingy , father also , ps me lohs.
nvrm , 3uncle ask me go his house play ban luck (:
since ii was small my 3aunt take care of me , so very close to them niias.
go where also call me , even my cousin sis , whihc is their nuer married at m'sia.
they also spon me air ticket,loves his whole family lots lahs (:
they're dha best ;DDDDDDDDDDDD

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