Tuesday, February 26, 2008

meet up adeline at wedding shop then went sch together (:
its raining , and its so cold .
damn muthu cannot wear house jacket , sch derhs i buy lerh whats .
dont know what jacket laii derhs need 1month + .
back to class , gave tcher form , maths trail thing , cannot go (:


home econ , went toilet with boyfriend , saw jerlin ,
she ask me to look if got tcher , cause she's doing smthg (:
thn got tcher come , she quickly throw that thing away - later burn .
lols , thn the tcher investigate like sh!t .


maths exam was great , first time dont have one Q dontknow how to do.
this time is boyfriend pekcek , she cant thing of anything like me that time =.-
now become her , the tcher gonggong ehs , we shouting answers she tout we playing niias :D
hahs ; after that History , was more easy .
but maybe easy till can fail (:
thats what zhutou say ouhs DDDDDD:

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