Friday, February 15, 2008

today ,
was having maths till half , fire drill (x
warhs henq , having that maths teacher with her boring teaching can die derhs =.-
drilldrill , we still slowly pack , venus say if really got fire , we still so slow
already die ! DUH .
please luhs , she last one come out .
went down , the floor was so wet .
then muthu talk rubbish , after that recess (:
then english , randy show us videos , scary movie .
erxin siahs , the ghost stab in the girls heart then got jelly come out .
then chinese , wanq laoshi sick , awwws .
bernard ask me go help him ask the girl he like for stead ehs (:
then i said ok , then he aiyah nvrm la dont need ask , aiyah hep me ask la .

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