Tuesday, February 19, 2008

today was late again :d
sch clock got pr0b luhs .
want in sch havent bell ring they say i late .
finish writing name then the bell rang , what ?
sitting outside office , saw jerlin in the office sitting agn =.-
she so long never go back class lerhs .
the first perriod was pw , everybody tout i didnt came sch .
so i delay outside office till everybody gone except for malays(:
then i gave keys , cant run )':
went to libary , saw them inside , but next perriod ht , so didnt went in (:
went toilet , saw alicia and limling (x
stayed in the toilet till recess .
found boyfriend , siewting all , then they shock o.O
chinese class , wanq laoshi was so funny lahs (:
cause kayseng kept disiao-ing her , say she diedie also dont choose randy as husband .
lols, skipskip , wanglaoshi kept bitting him , say wo tai ai ni le .
da shi ai , ma shi teng , LOL . none-stop (:
then she said , wo tai ai ni la jiasheng , then he say i love you too .
cause of the 3words , wanglaoshi bit agn (:
laugh si wo ;D
after chinese HE .
me , siewting , xuelin , christella dont wan go , so went to whiteroom .
sorry to pangseh boyfriend T.T , you dont wan go derhs.
lie muthu say we kena send down , 'shoutng in class '
and he gonggong believed (:
alicia and limling was there too .
after sch , waited for thalia and went off to central to buy new sch uni .
so far , reach lerh then tell us next week then all size come .
qi si wo , saw one pet shop , went in and bought sm stuff ,
thats my day .

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