Friday, March 14, 2008

Nur azurah binte abdullah ! anyhow take my pic !


back from china .
lazy to post siahs .
6days in china.
was fun yahs (:
actually cant rmb everything =.-
first day , the aeroplane , so shiok .
started with 200+speed then 400+ speed ,LOL .
the aeroplane thingy makes my ears stuck when flying .
alighting also .
first was hangzhou , the hotel was ok lahs .
roomed with venus and azurah ,
those things sold in china so exp siahs , but all of us bargin .
from 300 yuan to 5yuan , obviously the lady is cheating our yuan ..
and alot of beggers !
bought one camera . took lots of photos .
dinner , hangzhou's food was salty till like thier salt dont need money liddat.
night time , the azurah ? , go call all her friends and
some of mine to come in our room as our room is bigger with 3ppls.
first night party she said .
so fun , finally can have the chance to talk with smokes comming out from my mouth .
LOL . damn cold too.
stayed 2days in hangzhou then transfer to suzhou .
suzhou's hotel rocks lahs .
is meii de l0hs (: still got ultra TV siol .
the bed nice is too , and yah , mano dono what happen to her leg need go hospital
pt the thingy , she cry till so....)':
then big problm lerhs , azurah said she pt 300 yuan in the hotel then come back gone .
she got call this and that till teacher come ,calculated those things she bought ,
ms ho say also dont have enough money to loss 300 yuan ,maybe she used ?
whatever la .
when to their sch , their chinese super chim .
everything in chinese , then when we speak english they were like ,
warhs , then like very ps .
stayed 2 days in suzhou too.
transfer to shanghai ,
joven say got protitude cause we stays in shanghai motel .
so scary ehs .
i think i saw 1 siahs .
& , i'm called harrypotter girl ? by the eat orange hothot de guy , forgot the name ,
bt called him harrypotter :D
everyone started to call me that lohs T.T
jiayan slept in our room for 1night (:
joven , kevin and another guy in uor room chatchat .
then the azurah keep making us laugh , till stomach pain .
joven said that the prostitude stay at 5003 and we were in 5010 .
they go prank call them siah , wth .
that night siewting angry ,then she go back room sleep alone .
stella and lin li cannot go in .
knock the door like siao then i ask then go down take another card =.-
when back our room after that .
the venus lahs ,sleeping , say dream words siah .
she ; hmmmmmmm,oooooooo,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , then her action like dancing .
make me and jiayan so what =.-
when to shanghai sch , everybody got presents from them , bt we dont have for ppl .
guilty )':
she gave me a hand make teddy bear and i dont have the face to look at her
cause no present for her .
nei jiu ! ..
btw we when to many temples , took lots of photos .
retarted ones from venus .LOL
lots of shopping toos .
ms chen and ms ong so funny la .
yesterday 11+ take aeroplane go back singapore , so happy (:
bt very tired .
and big news ! shaiful on newspaper !

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