Sunday, April 27, 2008

stayed at home today ,
no where to go ,
next thursday exam :O
warh , i scare fail english .
next friday got 3rdjiu bbq ,
& i was only told by today ,
others last week already know .
damnit lah .
just now went down to buy things .
my stupid neighbour ,
run down the stairs and press all the level ,
fkher lah ,
stop at 7 floor , our enemy , the idiot auntie
she wearing bigbig nerdnerd black sunglasses ,
with bigbig roundround red earings ,
almost vomitted .
she keep complaint say my father in the midnight drill/hammer things .
our neighbour also cant hear you at 7floor can hear .
lame lohs, they she at there mumbble ,
when will this family move out , so irritating .
then i go say her , you move out first lah , you then irritating loh.
even the police mai chup you , then she say police no use ,
zzz , the police come ask the whole blk only she hear .
she also started to write letter and give the whole blk ,
nobody care, the 11yr old de neightbour ,her father come to me and say .
the aunie siao or what , she write letter to ppl still ,
( dear MY FOOTS ) riidiculous siah .
she go show us her medical form all ,say we make her everyday canot sleep well.
everybody dont go well with her.
then she starting to hate the whole blk =.-
the 12 floor de say can hear , the old auntie .
my mother say we havent go complaint her she come complaint us ,
cause she everyday drill thing , play majong in the night .
mum shouted knn =.O
then i diamdiam go in play com :D

< boyboy

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