Monday, April 21, 2008

today ,
first perriod , english (:
chop the desmond luh .
got diff meh , zzz
last perriod , shaiful nvrm come .
got relief , said wanna go toilet , she dont let .
venus say later bladder break she pay , haha .
so went to toilet , come back , need go find MRCHEN
he say we skip lesson ,
duh luh , skip still come back class ?
punishment he say .
for bernard he do 10 times push up ,
for us copy whole chapter 5 .
wth la , so unfair can . we wan do pushup he say girl cannot do.
ask him y he pushup niia ,
he say he first tiem catch bernard.
funny lorh , bernard every lesson out of class.
then he say he catch us alot time .
siaola , first time ok , so many pattern .
pattern more then batminton .
give us 35 mins , you think we robot ?
last year let you play for 1 year liao not enough ?
everyday call parent , mentally retarted .
we 2nc you 2ta come kpo for what siah
copycopy la , copy till like siao ,
then got ppl say he went to eat .
damn him , packed and went home [:

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