Friday, April 18, 2008

yesterday ,
the only thing i could rmb is ,
RANDY, he's like everyday Buay song us.
never bring English text and work book only mahs , stand stand la ,
who cares , still need copy 500lines , as if we'll , nobody is gonna copy Okays .
standing at the back , looking around , dont wish to concentrate on him .
he's teaching primary sch things ? ,
beauty - how to change to beautiful . wth lahs .
he treat us as primary sch student . bakas .
nth to do , i behind there doing c'dance sit and reach warm up .
hahas , but i was standing .
then was the AZURAH , she was standing behind toos ,
she made some idiots plan cause she dont wannas copy .
she go tell teacher what plsplspls , pissed off mans .
randy go tell whole class , i punish those people behind
dosnt mean i dont like them ,
you think people like you ?
end of the period , AZU go please him agains .
then he let us , not to copy .
christella helped me copy one page ,
so sweet uhs!
thanks peng you {:
thats my day D:

randy ah randy ....
shout like ghey mans .
duh .
VE .
bernard go li-siiao , laugh si wo :D
Friends gone CRAZY, as normal louhs ,
after sch , peii christella take cab then went home (:

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