Friday, April 25, 2008

Yesterday .
first 2 perriod PE , shaiful dono what mental problem say mai PE .
go back class for science .
walous , from 7.25 to 9.25 all his perriod siah .
went back class waited for him .
faster clear rubbish all .
he came in and told us his grandmother storys .
its nice luh ,
he say last time he npc , got camp , date change teacher bo tell .
thn he and 10 fren go thr , the person say wrong place another side , thn he huh .
go another side the person say , your teacher never tell you all is next 2 week meh .
then he uber angry . go back sch tell his teacher his teacher still .
oh so sry i forget to tell you all . diao siah ,
he still say he last time smallsmall size with bigbig round nerd specs .
laugh si wo , too bad for those didnt come , was so funny .

Today ,
english , incredible tales again !
watch till half got ppl boo us chua tio .
Maths , i did the worksheet :DD
VE, art room ,
chinese , do compo ,
after sch went hme .

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