Monday, June 30, 2008

hellos ;D sch today was fine ,
but if letme choose, i'll still choose not to come sch #:(
geo first perriod , misschen (:
darn funny , she look at us thn we acted listening and look up at her .
she turn back , we start laughing like shits .
Siaokias :D then Mama lauguage , (:
nui nai ping teacher ,
laughed like shits again .
Its like , every lesson i'm laughing -.-
yesterday got incredible tales ,
they told me about it ,
freaking disgusting mans .
what suck baby all -.- recess ! when to libbary again .
just go in only chased out , wth D:#!
then was Eng , thatpregenant ladyyyyyyyyyyy ;D
after that science , lend science text from sin (:
the first thing shaiful said to me was ,
Shin! - [ in fast way ] , writing love letter ah ,
he did some idiots action and expresions that made me cant stop laughing madly like a madcow .
drew rubbish in his lessons ,
post up at night ;D was using pen knife cutting my drawings ,
unrealising , i cutted my science plastic file !
nvrm , he wouldnt care .
after that fauzi , he found out the papers written,
strayDogs about someone,
some indians~ dont wanna admit .
& i seriously didnt wrote anything , believe me :D
after that fauzi gave us work to do .
we wrote , Men in white , funny .
and , someone at window , sorry ahs ,
head cannot turn :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD after school ,
packed and went home .
oh my heaven i still rmb the suck baby stomach got whole thingy .
watched the advertisement , saying this month july ghost's festival ,
dont touch or do anything dedicated to WATER ,
is like lame lah , no need bathe -.- thats my dayyyyyyyyyyy ,
one halfed post (:

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