Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wednesday .
Surpose to go dance !
Geo class misschen came to me and ask me to go .
but late , end up nvr go ):
then sended misschen msg tell her sorry :D
today she looked fr me and said ,
late only,still can go one .
she ask me promise her next week go (:
like overall , only misschen i like :D
she is like , omg iloveher lah !
today science , Mr shaiful very funny .
he say the word Angry , they go say hungry ,
then he went emo and actted crying , after they said sorry he continue .
then again and again , laugh till my jaws drop out.
our group were praticing reading ,
krisna teaching jiamin the china girl to read english .
i just cant stop laughing , cannot control , sorry !
its not her words that im laughing ,
im laughing at her expression , still sry ):
1.30 go lab do survey then went home (:

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