Wednesday, July 23, 2008

woke up today and almost falled ,
the sky so dark man .
Maths first perriod,then english .
listened to her lesson very clearly .
after that dont know from where fly one bee .
all the girls like mad or what , shout here and there .
me & venus sat there doing workbook :D
that bee just flew over my head .
after Geo,azurah go tell misschen she wanna join ChineseDance ,
she was like , stunded with no words , hahas (:
ART , that piece of art Mrfauzi just dont wanna fire it .
MTL then Science , grats Mrshaiful , a father again (:

finally go back already :D
missthemsomuch !:D
the steps are nice yahs ,
enjoyed and had fun (:

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