Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yesterday ,
went cousin wedding .
sat with alot cousins .
having our second dish , i went toilet.
came back and saw cups and cups of tiger on the table .
where my pepsi !
got very thirsty and couldnt help it .
bigbro said he compete me with 1jar and i 1glass .
dont know why others start laughing .
then he was like , Hurh !
secondbro drink till face like apple ,
third throws out in the toilet .
they laughed at him , then he said this is the joy of drinking .
finding excuses for himself :D!
but actually not lahs , cause he drank alot .
the only thing we could hear is heart bumbing .
like gonna explode ,
after that i ask my smallest cousin to try .
he just finished the half cup with one big mouth.
his face like eeee yucks .
Long time never drink one, 3and4 aunt .
they said they would get eechi , what was that word , dono how spell .
but my mother nagnagnagnagnag till they try ,
alot of laughter ;D
went home at about 11+ ,
cant wait to see my lovely bed .
Today , my mother cooked !
oh gosh , i love it lah (:

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