Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not working today , quite sian ahs .
but shall treasure it since this week only today off .
yesterday , worked .
with azwan ♥ , my best malay brother yo (:
my mood was okay actually , but gonecase cause of this guy .
Freaking idiot Barbie doll :(
time passes very slow yesterday .
10pm did my closing .
11pm ate chickens together with azwan (:
11.15pm counted money , didnt short (:
heart to heart talk with azwan , Problems manymany ,
he got his , i got mine ..about the same case just that mine is abit pestering .
after that we wen to the opposite Posb take money .
after that came back office talk .
waiting for edd (:
that freaking guy still sitting outside office ..
cant chase him off lahh ..so irritated manxzxzxz .
so me and bro made a show .
we acted going off home , then he was like finding us , we ran into pizzahut office as pizza hut is inside kfc , and we're friends with the manager .
soon edd came also , like playing hide and seek ah .
that freak went looking around kfc ,
we waited till 1pm ..
asked bro to check , like Finally he's gone .
So went home with edd & bro (:
i ♥ you guys like hell :D
Really hope we wont drift (:

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