Sunday, January 25, 2009

My days kills , the sun kills too .
can get heat stroke when walking to work .
how i wish S'pore snows which its impossible ..
isit possible to shine in the darkest places where its impossible to love ?
I'm sooooo boring ):
later having family reunion at aunts place .
every year also like that , Really boring .
Or its i'm the one who wants to feel it boring ...
Btw, ChineseNewYear is getting more and more Cold .
remember lastlast year the market at night crowd like hell but this year's very quite .
and i'll be very excited when i know i'm getting Hongbaos but this year i don't give a damn on it ..
i felt much happier with working friends More .
but sometimes upset cause i've to face someone , Right Bear ?
Listener is Emo too ,
days are really killing..

it's been long since i felt your embrace,
i ain't thinking too much,i'll tell my mind.
i'll conquer..

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