Saturday, July 18, 2009

Got this words from some toot .


MJ got 100 more songs to post out after death ,

the money gos' to his children , thats what i heard . Hah

imagine how much he love his childrens .




Collagues Jokes

WeiLun asked me ,

Hey sharon , whats the name of PoohBear's wife .

i made alot of guesses like , Piglet ? PoohAhLao ?

then he said , nonono ... you know what ?


endup he got scolding from us for scolding vulagrities !


how i wish i could just stay and relax in office ,

watch them running here and there & every month i still gets my pay ..

and it's like OT pay , all those kind of stupid thinkings i'm having now .

Do you know how it feels like ... working for hours everyweek , everyday likethat kills.

I really envy people who're borned rich .

& wished i was one of them once ..

But they would never taste how it taste like to get hard earning money .

Efforts,time,tiredness ... which it's really so worthit .


HAIYA , think so much also no use , still have to go back to reality .

Off to Work -.-

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