Monday, January 18, 2010

We're on different track
school was fine today , i kinda like amanda lee alr (:
no mass run today , changed to hair checking .
congrats people .
after school , mdm yeo called me told me to turn up for retest .
then i called mummy , asked her to lie to her say i not feeling well.
intheend i got scolded by her .
and then i attitude her .
mdmyeo told her all my negatives , which are all not true .
You damn fluggy idiot bitch .
then she scolded me again .
can you think for me ?

Here's afew things on what i've learned for Bio today .
Size for Sperm : very small , 0.06mm
Size for Egg : large , 0.1mm ( in diameters )
Motility for Sperm : swim
Motility for Egg : slow
Amount for Sperm : millions
Amount for Egg : one at a time

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