Friday, July 27, 2007

first perriod P.E..
when to the student hub nn play basketball?
l0l.dhen iish science...after tt iish recess.
finish lerrhhs jiu shi chinese~
today mood nort verii gud cuz of the tcher~
chinese 2perriods.1perriod i was runninqq ard.LOL.
2perriod.tcher ask to do "si zi"..
dhen i sat down nn rite.LOL.GOODGURLL(:
her face all red~
on the way to the gate..
venus wan go toilet..sho peii her go..
iinside saw abigail la0p0(:
her hand injured..
ask her she dunwan tok~keep
jiu go hao lerrhhs.. go thalia's hus.
played batminton..called venus..ask her cum down play.
playinqq lyk siiao?
after tt go venus's hus..
reach lerrhhs touch tis nn tt..
hahas.she suddenly shouted..
jiu go np.when to JEAN to buy comb..
mne comb kena destroyed by venus nn nigel...zz
dhen jiu o hm lerrhhs.walk pass KFC.
saw jerlin baoebii nn kelly siiaodeary(:
dhey didnt saw mne.LOL.
reached com~
tmr i wan go out.)':

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