Saturday, July 28, 2007

when to mne grandpa's hus today..
reached thr nn waited fer others to cum.
4aunt came..
her 2sons.which iish mne cousins.
kept disiaoinqq mne.was lyk ps-ed.
wanderinqq whyye mne 2aunt nn 3aunt habent cum.
gave dhem a call.dheysae noone tell dhem.
dhey reached(:
played wib mne baby cousin(shihui)
dhen bout 7 somethinq jiu go eat.
the fish sho nice.(:
dhen mne uncle drive us hm.
erached hm.bathe..nn watch DUOMAOMAO(:
today iish LINXINRU.
hahas.the last YIDIAN.iish the telephone without "0"
she took up the phone nn kept pressinqq but didnt notice.
till dhey tol dher to press her number.which hab zero iin it.
finally she found.but she still lost.
(:alrights,i'll stop here ;D

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