Sunday, July 8, 2007


TODAE..early iin the moring siewting cum mne hus dhen go meet christella..
go NP meet christella lerrhhs..jiu go buy things...dhen tak MRT.fhark!mne ezline card carnt use!!waste money siahh..
neberr miind((:reach sembawang lerrhhs.go secnd floor meet MINer(:
dhen called alicia nn adeline ask dhem whr are dhey...
dhey too lonqq carnt wait sho we go sembawang beach first!!
reach thr bout 12 smthing?dhen started to play..we bought sandcastle things..CHLIDISH?
...we go iin the water nn play deedeep our shirt all wet lerrhhs!!!
hahas!dhey habent cum siahh..2 smting lerrhhs..LOLS!finally dhey came!dhey we push adeline iin the water!hahas.our plan.took manymany photos(:
was shohappy..all shirt nn pants wet lerrhhs.RAIN?lols!dhen we played iin the rain till all hair et!hahas..take bus go sunplaza...go thr eat..christella treat!all cuz bout $33 smthing?lols!
...finish eating go ang mokio buy bag((:the bigbig teddy bag!i love iit luhs~!cost bout $34.
gort boiboi outside..HAHAS!when going..dhe boiboi following us.tout following alicia..buddhen iish we both!LOLS.we hide iin te girls toilet.hahas.dhey ask the toilet auntie if we are iinside.
the auntie sae dhey are small kid can cum iin..we are sho lyk!!!ARHG!...
dhen dont care go out..dhey ask fer phone numberr..dun gib!keep following norrhhs!
dhen dhey said.."GO UP GO DOWN VERI TIRED LEHS!FUNNI ARHX!"dhen we shout at dhem "WE NEBERR ASK YOOS FOLLO WAD!"LOLS!follo dao mrt dhen gave up!!
YEAHSMINer nn christella go hm mne;adeline;siewting go alicia's!reach her hus
she on air-con dao 16 degree..HAHAS!asked her daddy drive us adeline first cuz no space..behind gort TV.dhen bout 9.30?her daddy cum lerrhhs.dhen drive mne nn siewtingg hm..reach hm bout..10.25?hahas!i had fun todae!

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