Monday, July 9, 2007

todae at skul.was sho damn borinqq lorrhhs.
espically SCIENCE! tcher se we noisy dhen ask we all sit outside under the sun.LOLS!
buddhen i found one place without sun...hmm..finally science over!dhen iish music..
AIR-CON! at thr dhey anyhow play der piano..dhen mne nn halima played..dhe tcher standinqq beside us..see us playinqq dhen correct us...dhen e good..GOod..GOOD!lols..
finally dhe last perriod which iish SE=(sexuallity education) was sho sian..dhen i zilian yi xia...LOLS..toktoktok bout girl dhen all the boiiboii biantai!
after skul when to eat laksa!yummy((:when back skul.NETBALL.lols! actualli dunwan go buddehn jerlin ask mne go..jiu shi sae till i tuo xiang..jerlin huaidan!HHAAHS.JK((:
dhen jiu go hm lerrhhs.on the way alicia ask mne wait fer her daddy..her daddy drive mne home!hahas..
while waitinqq...saw lisheng kor;yongqiang nn more..
dhen when going dunno wad the SIBIANTAI KOR sae...mumblle...ZZZ
tml i ask minqqbaii....!!!LOVES(:

todae saw hym..
was sho fuckinqq asshole.
he look osho dun look..
tok osho dun tok..
wad siahh..
nort mne kor lerrhhs still can tok der rite?
i wont bite...NVRM.ferget iit...
continue callinqq hym ZHUFREN.


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