Sunday, July 22, 2007

christella msged mne..ask mne can go NP..
dhen i sae ok norrhh..
sddenly siewting tt stupiid LORRY(: called mne...ask mne follo her go np..
dhen reached northpoint..waited fer stella nn crystall(:
dhey reached dhen we go minitoons~
go buy the big head body small der piglet<33333333333333333s!>
when to take the newest neo's..
gort umbrella ders(:was sho nice cans..
crysal treat...tottal 19bucks(:
lols.she you qiian ren(:
dhen when to eat KFC with siewtinqq nn crystall..
while eatinqq we laughted lyk NOBODY'S BUSINESS..
cuz of crystall~-.-"
dhen when on the way hm...
3rd auntie calLed mne..
asked mne fer the block party ticket...
dhen rush hM nn gib her norrhhs... at blk221...
was sho siianx nn DUNWANA go...
buddhen siian at hm too sho jiu go lorrhhs..
i didnt go at the exact place..i was sittinqq a blk 219?
darkdark thr..nice fer sleepinqq..
sitted thr from bout..6.00 to 8.05?
sawed the magic show..
the magiciant swollowed the baloons?
lols.discuzting... lols.lucki gort zhikai msg mne or esle i will die(:
he ask mne bbe his ganmei...ohs~
asked lisheng..dhen he tok ~craps~...
was sho confused~!...hack care narhhs.
sho full..eated steamboot...nicenice(:
took some photos today...upload later ;DDDDDDDDDDD

ENJOY(: blk 219..

mne big head body small piglet(:
our neo's

at thalia hus.her hus iish jux damn nice cans
stella nn mne
FU.nn mne(:
nu`er ; marmiie`
tts mne(:
thalia squadinqq behind
stella ; alicia ; mne..
tts wad mne nn thalia did;DDD
siewtinqq nn jinlian
i saw smth lorrhhs.
iin maths class.iryani always cover her fac=X

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