Monday, July 23, 2007

woke up at bout 6.40?LOL
gort SAW eyes...
told mummy..she was lyk..dun believe..LOL.
dhen when to skul as fer normall...was sho tired nn habinqq fever today(:
was chinese...the tcher .....nvrm.keep scoldinqq none-stop..
jerlin took out her busicult..shareshare..dhen tcher cum take away..
hengqin help take back(((((:
reccess didnt eat...meiiweiikou)':
after tt iish scinece..i gort 15 1/2 over 30 fer the test..LOL.jux pass.
dhen iish music..after tt iish history(:
mdm shah nvr cum..sho we played fer2perriods(:
next chen nvrm cum! 2 perriods againx..was sho happy..
while playinq..the stupiid thalia go push her table dhen kena mne hand..
swollen norrhhs..
hahas.i cried=x...
nnn the henry go bully mne..throw mne bag ard..nn desmond to!
stupiid curry(henry) call mne shit you...LOL.
den venus go play wib thalia water bottle..her skrt all wet..
i go tell tcher..CHER!VENUS PEE!!!~
dhen the tcher was lyk believe?
he took out his toilet pass nn gave venus...HAHAS.
everione was smilinqq lyk hell...
last perriod SE.pon?lol
took rubber band nn shoot ppl..
adeline BIANTAI!she go shoot leroys lanjiao
ZZZ.leroy sibeii biiantaii.shout osho lyk we lock hym nn classroom
he was shoutting lyk nobody's business..
jiu go coffee shop eat..
i ate laksa?dhen ju go thalia hus..buddhen too tired sho go hm norrhhs..

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