Sunday, July 15, 2007

was playinqq audition(:
played couple nn club MG.
CLUB MG.kept winninqq..
den-125.. dhen i noe winning iish sho sianx..
dunnoe whyye sho moodless this days..
felt lyk going to skul..
but everidae iish lyk on friday..
dhen its better..
wana go out..
go to a place whr i can forget mne sad things..
but dunnoe whr to go..
LOLS.emo a while...
shouted at mne parents.
which i loved to.dhey dun even noe oue feelings..
how i wish i cud live jux 3seconds thinking..
without dhem live will bbe more silent...
nth much to post(:
eatinqq curry or steamboat later?
hahas..mne parents are cheerinqq up mne!
wo hui jing li de.(:

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