Monday, July 16, 2007


the first perriod was english...gort summary..was lyk stund?dunnoe how todo..
dhen the last perriod iiish maths..
mr chen sae i tok iin class dhen he ask mne to take off mne shoe nnn cop page 110 to 118..
everi thing..even "TRY THIS"..
FUCK LARRHHS.mne nn priya stayed back nn fnish iit..
niid to copy 2 tyms the same thing...
izzen he torturing us? mne nn priya go iin the general office nn call our parents..
he tout mne parents will scold mne..everithing call parents call parent sho wuliia0s..
dhen finish lerrhhs gib tcher..h sae i skip..ask mne to redo!!!!!
fen mingg jiu shi wan wo!!!!!
dhen i copy dao mne hand realli gona break..
mne hand was lyk forcin mne nort to rite...LOLS.
wana mne lyk this..
do finish lerrhhs pass up to hym..
he clearly check all the pages..-.-"
dhen he sae ok..i tout can go lerrhhs..
buddhen he toking cock..
nabeii..tok bout 10mins?
ask mne to respect hym nn sae sorry to hym..
i was lyk ..whye lyk tt?
...has been moodless this days..
damn hate this tcher since 070107..
nn he even asked mne to answer honestly if i lyk maths..
i said NONONO!!!
lol.fharking hate hym..
dhen when going hm..saw ricky...dhen i turn nn walk another way..
dhn saw hengqin..haix...dao meii...
ermerm..yarhs..todae saw alort of sec3,4 ard 2floor..
dhen heard yongqiang sayinqq his face all blood!?
wad happen?anyone tell mne?

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