Friday, July 20, 2007

fergotten smthing today...
after P.E..
mne`venus`adeline`thalia when to dhe toilet..
we saw one big moth iin the first cubicar..
venus canged iin thr!she didnt notice lehs..
dhen we asked priy to go touch it..
she pull the moth nn it kept flying..
all shouting lyk hell..
dhen it landed on the fan..
dhe fan nn the moth iish turning together..
wetout iish died..buddhen priya go use the broom nn touch ..
it was'nt lorrhhs..
dhen azura ask mne follo her go iin..dhen follo lorrhhs..
she saw nn shouted..
dhe moth kepy flying ard the door..
we carnt go out norrhhs...
even fly above our head...
was sho scary shouting lyk nobody business..
stayed iin the toilet fer half-an-hour?
LOLS.sho tired nn sweating..

tt day....
saw one sec3 or 4 girl taking the same bag as mne(;
i tink iish she buy first der barhx..
hahas(:she looks cute taking tt bag(:
now dhen i noe mne;christella;alicia iish nort the only one hu iish taking tt bag..

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