Saturday, July 21, 2007


about 10.50? i shut down dhe com.cuz ofb mne mum.
dhen korkor msg mne(;
msg till 11.46?
i msg dao sleep=)
hahas.sry yea..but thanks fer your last msg(:
buddhen i dun hab sweetdream ytd.ur spell failed)':LOLS.


wake up at bout 9.45?
actualli can still sleep der..buddhen raining sho heavly..
dhen splashinqq dhe rain drops on mne air-con thing outside..
sho noisy..dhen jiu wake up lorrhhs.
sian nth to do..ON-ED dhe compter(;
nobody on9..siansiansian!!!
hehs lucki 5mins later kor on9(;
peii wo chat..
nn realized tt mne laptop keyboard gort prob..
lyk smtyms will carnt press the thing out..mux go change lerrhhs(:
nnn mne hp battery...daddy say buyinqq fer mne new der?
nn earpice*(dunnoe how to spell)
cuz mne hp suck till the core..but HE iish no better(;
LOLS..stop here barhx(;

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