Wednesday, July 4, 2007

} reply of tags.

xiaoserene:wednesda luh~
CHARMAINE: type properly cant see wad you typinqq.
ALICIA:nu`er..ahahs!okiie.wad no present?LOLS!
PASSER-BY:oii!pls alrhhs horrhhs.put ur name cans?i ugly your business?you dunch dare put ur name jiu dun come sae me ugly when you are not tt perfect luhs huhs.nn i duniid you to tell me the answer as i have nr wan to noe.
XINLING:BAOBEHHBAOBEHH!hahas!right.dhey are chlidish luhs~we meet at mac..dhey veri wliia0s wan.dunnid care dhem.LOLS!


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