Thursday, July 5, 2007

t0dae gort go skul (x
skul finish liia0s jiu g0 np wib venus nn adeline.
while eatinqq...was sho fhark larrhhs.adeline keep makinqq us laugh.LOLS
eat finish lerrhhs g0 minitoons~
go thr saw alort of piglet!
dhey sae moii bdae dhey buy fer mne(:
lols.ask dhem duniid dhey still buy..
nvrm..maybbe dhey will ferget(x

todae iin skul the stupiid english tcher ask we all d0 c0mp0..
dhen sae todae passup buddhen the bell rang she sae go hm do...
at np saw nicholas~`
he everidae wear jacket.
siao taborr =x

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