Tuesday, July 31, 2007

when to skool as per(/) normall today.
almost late.when iin nn find stella , siewting , jiayin , limling.
guess i'm nort the latest.buddhen mrtan came.sho we go assembly.
jux reach parade-square and sitted down..saw vineeta dinqq smth to her shoes.
she wore colour shoe to skool nn she was tryinqq to use full-scap paper to cover.
tts imposible cans.
its tym to stand up.GOU LEELEE walked pass vineeta but she didnt realise.
sinqq finish.niid check uni.vineet sue carnt run away der lorrhhs.
mdmshah caught her n toked to her.their conversation was lyk police nn suspect.
hahas.at the end nth happened.
first perriod.chinese.samesame.runrunrun~
buddhen 2perriod tcher ask do compo.dunoe how to do.
when passinqq up.tcher saw mne n adeline didnt do.
sho she asked us to go to her dest..she teach us do.
her *iizzen teachinqq.she iish givinqq answer lorrhhs.
she rite on a paper.her words are lyk.~~~~~~~~~~
while ding,she kept sayinq..actualli yoo all can be gud ders.
dun always run iin nn out~
dhen we (orhs~orhs~orhs~).LOLS.
next iish PC.tcher neberr cum.FREE~!
recess finish lerrhhs iis maths?
i'm gettinqq more interested iin maths.but NORT the tcher.
dhen iish science.didnt cum fer 1day sho must copy wad dhey did ytd~
hand pain.thalia sho gud help mne copy all~iish bout lyk 5pg lorrhhs.
THANKS THALIA!dhen niid draw hand.sho i drew myself thalia count fer mne~
mn hand iish sho big cans! 94boxes~!
but hers iish 132 boxes.hehshehs~
stupid curry!
go draw my table~all tt name.
wadever luhs~finish skool go eat.
eat finish lerrhhs jiu go 216 thr play fer awhile wib alicia nn adeline.
dhen saw lishengkor , henry(curry) , desmond nn all.
dhey sae dhey dunoe go thr do wad luhs.
when going hm lishengkor cum tok to us.i waked away,thanks(:
SIBIANTAI!call mne fer wad.nn i nvr....wib hym norrhhs.
wad kor laii ders.believe wad curry nn all sae!
nn i wanted to shout sibiantai nort silisheng.PS~
anyway takecare too.YOU BROKE UR PROMISS~.
lols.jiu go hm lerrhhs.used com nn saw my tagies.
[anonymous]-the IP wadever iish nort i rite der cans.


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