Wednesday, August 1, 2007

almost late today~
woke up at 7.00.LOLS.cuz ytd watch the DVD.
reached skool..stella all go lerrhhs):
hahas.nvrm.saw jingjing.went to the toilet nn find her.
finish assembly.go class.nn wadever luhs~
went to eat after skool.wiib venus.
eat till half..te vegetable nort nice sho throw away~
venus was lyk crazzy? she kepy laughing non-stop.
nn even puii* out fer foods..dhen both of us were laughing lyk hell lorhs.
dhen iryani cum find us.go skool together.
play the football game at student hub.
no ball.sho we took stones.hahas.was lyk siiao.LOL.
smone go tell tcher sho we ran off~
go see dhem play netball.adeline run dao bo qii.
mne nn venus draw nn draw..draw till her book lyk dunnoe wad shyt.
dhen bout 5.48?we ju go hm lerrhhs.
walking hm..saw ls,yq,ks..playing ball.
i walk one big round hm.hahas..
siianx..tmr iish cooking lerrhhs.yummy(:
fried rice i tink?
wadever luhs~

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