Tuesday, July 24, 2007


siewtinqq called mne..
ask mne to go thalia's hus cuz alica;adeline nn her iish thr..
sho i go norrrhhs..
took the bus near mne hus..
waited impatiently fer the bus..
finally the bus reached..was sho quezy iin thr..sho many ppl.
LOL.next stop one blind uncle came up..
i'm sittinqq on the first sit.dhen he was lyk touchinqq to see whether gort ppl..
dhen i was lyk tryinqq to move away..
he touched mne shoulder dhen walk away..LOL.
reached dhe bus-stop..
crossinqq the road but the bus driver iish tokinqq to one auntiie.
wad driver siahh...again waited impatiently LOLS.
dhen the auntiw when away..hahas.can go liia0s..reach lerrhhs go up..
dhen preparinqq cum down play batminton..
i was lyk arhg~
adeline nn alica played lyk~~~
adeline even sae she's the champion~LOL.=x
buddhen she kepy playinqq wib the racket lyk golf?
thalia was angry(:
dhen jiu go hm lerrhhs.
mne nn siewtinqq nort enuf coins to take bus sho walk to northpoint!
from blk 723 to norpoint..lols.
iish bout our skool 3 to 4 rounds the whole skool.
walk nn listen to music nn finally reached..(:
dhan jiu go hm lerrhhhs.


woke up at bout 6.30?
was sho cold...~
dhen told mummy i habinqq fever..
dhen she was lyk dun care & dun believe..
cuz i told her a habinqq fever fer sho many tyms..
till she touch mne head dhen believe.LOL.
sho didnt go skool today(:
nn dont niid to bbe aked by jinlian again~..WHR LISHENG???!!!
siao der she..jux reached skoll naii ask mne whr he..how i know?
ask mne call hym..he nvr answer..ask mne msg hym..he nvr reply..
stupiid lisheng ...wo beii ta ma dao henn can you know?
wanderinqq nn wanderinqq wad are dhey doinqq now..
sure veri fun cuz chinese lesson~SOBS~
feelinqq sho lyk dieinqq now..LOLS.
stupiid bunny qii dao wo yao sii..
tmr he cham liia0s.

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