Sunday, August 12, 2007

happybirthday to me ;DDDDD
thanks kelly(:
hmms,stella ask me go out take present=.=.
ehs,dhen maybe going bugis.
ADELINEHO must go..
no mood to post,super siianx.
post later when i come back.(:

you're a nice friend,
i don't wish to lost you.

i'm back(:
just now meet stella,she gave me the present dhen we go bugis.
go buy thw shorts i wanted dhen went to bugis junction kaiikaii(:
decided to take neoprints,choosed and choosed,so many.
found one (:
finish and decorate.
dhen i donnoe press what,the tym stop at 60seconds.
is lik stop lorhs,dhen we decorate for bout half and hour.(:
LOLS.finish,dunnoe press what,dhen i miniminenminimore(:
pressed and one more thing come out.WTF.
dhen this tym stella choose.haahs,she choosed correctly.HENG.
after that ate & went hm..
reached hm for bout 5mins,i got surprise(:
my 3auntie,3uncle,cousinbro toby,came.(:
celebrate with me.3uncle bring me go buy crownbelt(:
cousinalice didnt come but she gave me $50(:
so happy;D
later going sembawanqq with parents.
shall post later if got time(:

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