Tuesday, August 14, 2007


hellos ;D
guess my blog isn't rotting yet .
no mood to blog luhs.
erms,hey,i beg you,don't call me lerhs.
i don't really know you haobuhao~.
&&&,7th month is here .
kinda scared luhs.
today,almost late.
history & maths test.
maths okok luhs~
history was like.....
only know how to do one question.
which is question number 1.
what is religion?
at first i don't know,dhen thing & thing.
dhen i rote,"religion is the belief in gods or god..
other i don't know,everibody copying answer.
& easily copyed.
know whie?cause the tcher is my chinese tcher.
the shortshort derhs.
blur derhs lahs she.
after that,henry ask norza to give hym the paper,
he wan copy.dhen she give siah.
i ask from her,the tcher kept looking.cantcant.
see & see..blankblank too ugly.so anyhow do lorhs.
reccess & maths.
maths tcher is like kept looking at me lorhs.
dhen iish science,tcher nvr cum.2perriods free!
took thalia's pencilbox & draw.
ahahahs.i dunnoe nice or not nice.
dhen go 1NB playing like siiao.?
dhen saw kelly outside her class.
go ask her whie.
she sae she perposly wan go out sit.
acutually she got bbring calculator.LOL.
skool finish,ate and go back school.
chatted with the drink stall uncle.
dhen jiu go hm lerhs.

that's thalia's pencilbox ;DDDDDDDDDDDDD

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